Reliable quality control of sugar with digital image processing

Quality control is an essential part of the sugar production process as manufacturers must ensure that the product complies with the customers’ specifications. Not only the look, texture and taste of the final product depends on the size distribution, but also the solubility, tendency to aggregate, agglomerate and other properties which are important for industrial processes using sugar as a raw material. Hence, care must be taken that particles are neither too small nor too big. Traditionally, the particle size determination is carried out by sieve analysis which is a rather slow, labour-intensive method and commonly subject to measurement errors such as: too much sample material, worn out (uncalibrated) sieves, wrong sieve parameters (amplitude and sieving time) or simple calculation errors. An excellent alternative for the quality control of sugar is Retsch Technology’s CAMSIZER®. CAMSIZER® measurements are fast, automated, accurate and 100% comparable with sieve analysis. With these advantages the instrument can reliably replace sieving.

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